Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas is a venue that is normally home to the world championships of motor racing but tonight it's time for the legendary Bristish rock n roll band The Rolling Stones to start up their engines in what is the penultimate night of the long awaited 'No filter' tour, that’s been postponed since May 2020 due to Covid.

As the sun set over Austin on a clear Texas sky Mick and the gang came on stage just before 9pm wasting no time kicking things off with 'Street fighting man' and 'It's only Rock n' roll' it is clear from the start that the crowd are in for a treat.

This is the band's first tour without drummer Charlie Watts after his sad passing in August. Before the show started there were images of Charlie shown on the 4 huge screens on stage with a slow drum beat played out. Early on in the show Mick, Keith and Ronnie come to together at the front of the stage to express their love for the drummer and to dedicate the show to Charlie.
Charlie had given his blessing to Steve Jordan to take over on the drums, seamlessly fitting into the band and grinning from ear to ear.

Over the course of this tour the Stones have been letting the fans vote for a song in the playlist and tonight's pick is 'Let it bleed' Mick jokes beforehand he will play it if he can remember the words. There's no chance he has forgotten them despite now being in his 78th year. He spends the night dancing in his signature jagger style around the stage and extended walkway into the adoring fans with the energy levels of a teenager.

Next up is 'Can't always get what you want' a slightly more stripped back version, no choir but it's not needed tonight with crowd in full voice for the chorus. There is room to throw in the newer song 'Living in a ghost town' and after living in the world of the pandemic the lyrics 'life was so beautiful, then we got locked down, feel like a ghost, living in a ghost town' seem to touch home a little harder.
Half way through the night the customary tradition of Keith Richards taking over lead vocal duties takes place, his gravelly voice rattles through 'Connection' and 'You got the silver'.

After his well earnt break Mick returns to the stage playing the disco inspired 'Miss you' heading straight down the runway throwing out some dance moves that only jagger can pull off. 'Midnight rambler' and 'Paint it black' follow. A quick outfit change sees Mick draped in a long cloak and now cue the pyrotechnics as 'sympathy for the devil' plays out with sparks raining down on stage from high above.

As the night draws to a close its still evident that we are still watching the greatest Rock n' Roll band to have walked this planet. As the Stones return to the stage for an encore of 'Gimme shelter' and 'Satisfaction' the sky is lit up with fireworks once again.

If this was the last time we see the Rolling Stones on tour, it was a hell of a way to go.