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Welcome to Little Doves Christian Pre-School

My name is Pam Biddulph and I am the manager and trustee of this new pre-school. I have worked as manager of Kicks Pre-School, Brentwood Vineyard Church for the last 10 years. The new pre-school came into being at the request of the parents of children following the announcement of the closure of Kicks Pre-School. I am a member of St Paul’s Church Bentley Common and the church has pastoral links with Little Doves Pre-school. The pre-school will meet at Navestock Village Hall.

Charitable status

The pre-school is a limited company with charitable status, managed by a team of trustees, two of which are appointed by St Paul’s Parish Church Council. My deputy manager, Emma Lambri, and I have worked together for the previous 10 years and have been awarded three ‘Good’ Ofsted reports.

Parents and the local community have been very supportive in this new venture, giving both their time and resources. I have a passion for seeing young children grow, learn and succeed and look forward to continuing to support families within the community.  

Early Years Foundation Stage Themes

The pre-school aims to provide high quality child care in a welcoming, caring, calm, child orientated environment where the curriculum is based around promoting the Early Years Foundation Stage Themes set by the Department for Education. The children will explore topic related projects which will increase their awareness of the world around them, making learning an enjoyable experience whilst ensuring that the individual needs and development of every child is met. The safety of the children is paramount and therefore good staff to child ratios are always a priority.

Mission Statement

Little Doves aims to provide a first-class pre-school service, in a safe and caring environment, where the children's welfare is treated as the highest priority.

Christian ethos

The pre-school offers places to all members of the community irrespective of colour, race or religion. However, parents/carers are made aware that the pre-school is run with a Christian ethos and co-operation on that basis is requested.


Little Doves Christian Pre-School is an inclusive pre-school where children with special educational needs are welcomed. Staff work closely with the child and their parents/carers and childcare professionals to ensure that all the additional needs of the child are met. Read our SEND policy for further details.

Sessions and fees

Session times and fees can be found here.